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We’re the window tinting experts. Trusted by home and business owners all over Queensland. Check out our 5 Star Reviews +  our most recent photos. We’re so confident in our quality service, we offer:
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Window Tint Professionally Installed by Eclipse Tinting - The Experts in Window Tinting
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4 Benefits of Our Premium Brand Window Tints

We only use trusted premium brand window films suited for Queensland conditions.
Tint for Security & Safety

Reduce people seeing into your home or workplace. You also reduce glass-shatter if an unlikely event occurs, as the window film literally holds the broken glass together.*

Tint Reduces Energy Consumption

Our premium range of tints can reduce heat transfer by 86%. Keeping your home or workplace more comfortable whilst reducing cooling and heating related energy costs.

99.9% UV Rejection

We don’t need to tell you how bad UV rays can be for your health, but UV rays also attribute to the fading of your furnishings (including flooring!). Our premium window tint films block UV by up to 99.9%

Tint for Daytime Privacy

The #1 reason most people get window tinting, is for the added privacy benefit. Our premium tints are aesthetically pleasing. Whether you own a beach-side mansion, or a rental property – our premium tints will look stunning.

We have tinted thousands of homes across Brisbane and South-East Queensland. Check out our gallery and see what window tints other people have chosen, or contact us today for a free quote.

Home Window Tinting

We’re experts in Office Window Tinting. If you’re looking to have your office or home office tinted, speak to the experts.

Office Window Tinting

We’re commercial window tinting experts, with the ability to tint thousands of panes of glass. Let’s chat about your commercial project.

Commercial Window Tinting
Ben Howard Eclipse Window Tinting Owner

Meet Ben

Ben, is the owner of Eclipse Tinting. He has been tinting windows and doors across the globe for 20 years. Ben has tinted windows for thousands of homes and businesses, but he’s also had his fair share of high-profile clients – one such example is the British Embassy in The Gambia.

Ben owns and operates Eclipse Tinting across South-East Queensland and specialises in home and commercial window tinting. There’s no job too big, too high, too difficult, or too small for Ben.

If you’re looking for a professional who:

Knows their craft,
Has ultra-competitive prices
Cleans up after the job
Provides incredible after-sales service

Benefits of Window Tinting

Home, Office & Commercial Window Tinting

There are many reasons why people are flocking to have their windows tinted. More of us are working from home or spending more time at home, than ever before. People are realising the health benefits, safety, security and privacy benefits and of course when done correctly, the aesthetic benefits of tinting their windows. The right tinting films can truly transform the facade of your home, apartment or business. We have a wide range of films depending on the effect you’re looking for. We have a range of reflective, frosted, clear, medium and dark films + many more – all of which are incredibly high quality and backed up by our guarantees. We can visit your home and provide samples and information regarding which tints would work best for you, your family or your business. Of course, we provide this service complimentary as part of our free quote. Check out some of the thousands of photos we’ve posted on our social channels and see what tints other people have chosen for their homes and businesses.

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